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Fear Not! There is hope in Jesus Christ.   Check out our You Version live event to follow along with today's sermon! Details

You are loved. Your life really matters. God has plans for you. God can use you to bless the world. Here's how. Recorded on December 23, 2018.

Pursue happiness, but build your life in joy. Recorded on December 16, 2018

We will never be at peace within ourselves as long as we are at odds with God. But through Jesus Christ, we can experience real peace with God, within...View Details

Because Jesus came, our hope is real. Join us for this bonus message in our "Fear Not" Advent series. Recorded on December 5, 2018.

Fear Not | Luke 2:8-11

The angel's greeting began with #FearNot, not just because seeing an angel was startling, but because God was doing a work that would change everythin...View Details

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